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Front Wheel Drag Racing Tips
by ZZ Performance ©2003
  1. Move your passenger seat all the way forward and lock it into position.
  2. Buy or make a fan switch that will allow you to run your fans on low to cool the car down between runs.
  3. Clean your air filter before going to the track
  4. Race gas w/ l/8th tank max or highest premium you can find if 3.4 or smaller pulley
  5. Remove floor mats
  6. Remove spare tire & holder
  7. Remove your driver side headlight
  8. Clean extra items out of glove box and take out any loose change in the car
  9. Turn on heater w/ temp @90 deg to help cool the engine
  10. Turn off radio
  11. Air tires down in front 26-28 lbs for street tires, 18 for drag radials, 13-16 for slicks
  12. Set rear tires to max PSI rating
  13. Turn off traction control
  14. Move seat a couple inches forward from normal driving
  15. If you have a stock PCM launch in 2nd, hold 2nd til 5900rpm then shift to 3rd
  16. Raise hood and ice down SC between runs
  17. Keep your hood up while waiting in the staging lanes
  18. Trickle charge your battery overnight before going to race
  19. Make sure you stage your car pointing exactly straight. Any movement on the steering wheel will cost you 1/100's on your ET.

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